Busty babes Australia

I had this idea that strip clubs tend to be seedy, dark, shady places that are dirty and not a nice place to be around, so when my friends insisted on taking me to one for a “coming out party” I was taken aback. They insisted and insisted and I relented and I was greatly surprised to visit Busty Babes ! It was the opposite of all I had imagined: raunchy and naughty, yes, but very clean, elegant and classy.


First of all, they were really welcoming and they had no issues with me being a woman and a lesbian, which is a plus (I was scared that they wouldn’t be too nice because I’m a woman, but I wasn’t made to feel different and I didn’t feel excluded or out of place at all). They were really welcoming, warm, friendly and inclusive and I felt really nice throughout the entire stay there. The girls also had no problem with me being a woman and they are not only friendly, cheeky and fun but they are also really, really good looking (and my type to be honest).


The place is not difficult to find and the club is very nice, clean, sleek and elegant. Not for a second was I reminded of those disgusting strip clubs I tend to see in American movies ! All in all, I didn’t feel grossed out at all.

The shows were also really nice, the girls are as good looking and friendly as they are talented and they sure can dance !

All in all, Busty Babes Australia is a place I would absolutely recommend, specially if you are a first timer that has never gone to a strip club and is a bit afraid of the bad image they tend to have. I will be going back myself !…