Hot Desking and Its Benefits

Initially, working in an office required one to be at their desk where each individual was assigned their own. However, there’s a paradigm shift as most staff are leaning towards the flexibility that comes with remote working. With the effects of the corona pandemic, lots of real estate space is going unused, leading to losses.

Hot Desking 101

When a worker can step into an office and utilise whatever space is available and that which they deem suitable for them, then that’s hot desking. It’s insole the traditional office norm where each employee is assigned their own space that will go unused even in their absence.

Some of the resists that lead to a space being unoccupied include remote working, constant employee business travel and recently, the corona pandemic that requires social distancing.

What makes a Hot Desking Complete?


Power Sources and Communication Tools: Because of the flexibility that comes with hot-desking, space needs to allow the workers to telecommunicate, and power sockets, internet and phones make that possible. For instance, WeWork, which is a shared working environment, comes with areas that are allocated specifically for making phone calls from the desk. Others have phones attached to the working surface.

Technology: This wouldn’t be possible without technology. By that, we are talking about phones, laptops and tablets, which require WI-FI to make all that possible. For those who can’t work effectively with the gadgets, their hot desks are enabled with HDMI, DVI and VGA connection which makes it possible for the workers to temporarily work with a second screen.

Meeting rooms: They also have a meeting room that can be accessed through bookings via logging into a web or via an app. It also gives the luxury of conference rooms, shared lounges, brainstorming spaces and even kitchens.

Benefits of Hot Desking

Hot Desking has its own share of benefits, as listed below.

  1. Flexibility

It allows for employees to be flexible. Especially the Millennial, they are trying to break away from the mundane 8-5 jobs that have them sitting at the same spot the whole day. They also prefer networking with the like-minded, and hotdesking gives them the opportunity to do that.

  1. Save Money

Hot Desking also helps save money. This is because it helps to only utilize Real Estate space depending on the availability of employees operating from the office. Having employees in the office having their own desk, especially during the corona pandemic, means incurring losses since most are probably working from home.

  1. Decluttering

It helps keep the working space tidy. Once a user is done using the surface, they get up with all their belongings making it ready for the next user. There is no personalizing the space, making it a cleaner environment.

  1. Employee Collaboration

Besides, this system allows for employees to familiarize themselves with each other leading to higher chances of collaboration. In addition, workers are able to choose where they want to sit, which makes them more productive.

  1. Reduced Wasted Space

Hot Desking cuts on real estate space that would rather be wasted. It also maximizes available space.